Key Steps in Media Fill Process Flow for Ampule Line

1. Preparing the media: The first step is to prepare the media, which involves selecting the appropriate growth media, sterilizing it, and ensuring it is properly mixed and free from contamination.

2. Filling equipment preparation: The ampule line and filling equipment need to be properly cleaned and sterilized before the fill process begins. This includes ensuring that all surfaces and components that will come into contact with the media are properly disinfected and in good working condition.

3. Assembling the ampules: The ampules are assembled and checked for any defects or damages that could compromise the integrity of the fill process. This includes inspecting the ampules for cracks, chips, or foreign particles.

4. Loading the ampules onto the line: The ampules are loaded onto the line in a controlled and organized manner, ensuring that they are properly aligned for filling.

5. Filling the ampules: The media is dispensed into each ampule using the filling equipment. The process should be monitored and controlled to ensure accurate and consistent fills at the specified volume.

6. Sealing the ampules: After filling, the ampules are sealed using an appropriate method such as heat sealing or crimping. This step is crucial to maintain the sterility and integrity of the filled ampules.

7. Inspection and labeling: Each filled and sealed ampule is inspected for any visual defects or signs of contamination. It is also labeled with relevant information such as batch number, expiration date, and product name.

8. Packaging and storage: The filled and inspected ampules are then prepared for either immediate shipment or storage. Proper packaging materials and procedures should be followed to protect the ampules during transportation or storage.

9. Documentation and record keeping: All pertinent data and information related to the media fill process, including details about equipment, fill volumes, inspections, and any deviations or observations, should be documented and kept for future reference and compliance purposes.

10. Cleaning and sanitization: After the media fill, the ampule line and equipment used for the process need to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for the next batch of production.

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