FAQs on Industrial Pharmacist

What is an Industrial Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are specialized in the drug development, manufacturing, compunding, dispensing, and management of medications to ensure safe and effective use of drug.

An industrial pharmacist is a healthcare professional who works in a pharmaceutical industry. Where the major job responsibilities of a industrial pharmacist are - drug discovery, product development, process development, drug manufacturing, quality assurance and quality control.

How to Become an Industrial Pharmacist?

To be an industrial pharmacist, you should complete a bachelor degree in pharmacy with an intern program in a pharmaceutical industry. The major subject in bachelor degree include -

  • Organic pharmacy
  • inorganic pharmacy
  • industrial pharmacy
  • pharmaceutical technology
  • pharmaceutical analysis
  • pharmaceutical calculation
  • medicinal chemistry
  • pharmacology
  • biopharmaceutics etc.

What does an Industrial Pharmacist Do?

As an industrial pharmacist following activities need to perform based on his/her department:

  • new product and process development
  • new analytical method development and validation
  • manufacturing of API or finished product
  • in-process quality control
  • finished product quality control
  • documention
  • quality risk managment and quality assurance
  • regulatory activities (i.e., product registration, dossier submission etc.)
  • validation activites
  • material management
  • production planning
  • supply chain management etc.

What is Annual Income of an Industrial Pharmacist?

Annual income of an industrial pharmacist vary form country to country and company to company. In USA, the average salary of an industrial pharmacist fall in the range $110000 to $120000 per anum.

What Education is Needed to Become an Industrial Pharmacist?

To be an industrial pharmacist minimum bachelor degrre is required in pharmacy. Masters and d.pharm complete pharmacist also join as an industrial pharmicist in a pharmaceutical industry.

What are the Scopes of an Industrial Pharmacist?

The common areas for an industrial pharmacists are:

  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing 
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Material Management and Inventory Control
  • Validation and Calibration
  • Technical Services etc.

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