Major Job Responsibilities of an Industrial Pharmacist

The roles and responsibilities of an industrial pharmacist include (but not limited to):

R&D Scientists

  • Perform preformulation study
  • Develop new product and process
  • Develop new analytical method
  • Conduct DoE study
  • Define CMA, CPP and CQA

Production Pharmacist

  • Manufacture commercial batches
  • Handle manpower
  • Utilize equipment and machineries
  • Maintain cGMP practice

QC Pharmacist

  • Analyze raw material and finished product
  • Maintain GLP
  • Follow ALCOA+

QA Pharmacist

  • Assure in-process quality
  • Assure finished product quality
  • Release finished product
  • Perform QRM activities
  • Assure data integrity
  • Control master documents and executed documents
  • Approve new vendor or supplier

Validation Pharmacist

  • Prepare validation master plan
  • Prepare validation protocol and report
  • Attend validation activities

Regulatory Pharmacist

  • Prepare and submit dossier
  • Register new product
  • Update registration application
  • Answer regulatory query

Compliance Pharmacist

  • Keep up to date with new regulatory guideline
  • Verify the existing practice comply with current regulatory requirement

Warehouse Pharmacist

  • Maintain raw material and finished product stock
  • Maintain FEFO/FIFO
  • Maintain storage condition

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