Why Do You Store Water Samples 2-8°C for Microbiological Analysis?

Microbiological water analysis estimates the number of bacteria present and identifies microorganisms.

The microbial population in a water sample can change over time, which can lead to inaccurate assessments of water quality. Therefore, it is recommended that water samples be transported and analyzed within six hours. It is dependent on your validation research of a storage water sample at 2-8°C.

  • Samples should be collected for microbiological examination in sterile containers.
  • Samples should be kept in a refrigerator 2-8°C.
  • The sample should be analyzed within two hours of collection, if not, store it between 2-8 degrees Celsius.
  • Before analysis water sample attain room temperature.

If a sample exceeds the holding time, it is considered suspect, and the sample collection may have to be repeated. Some microbes may survive for a month in storage in water, but others may not.

For example, if the pH of a water sample collected in the field is 6.8, it may rise to 7.5 by the time the sample arrives for analysis in a laboratory. This is because dissolved CO2 leaves the sample once it's warmed, which affects the equilibrium of carbonic acid.

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